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Company Highlights

DAPPX is the most convenient platform to access AAA games that allows you to earn!

DAPPX is your one-stop platform for AAA-rated, play-to-earn games and applications. Experience 24/7 esports reward payments with no entry barrier. We know you deserve more than just games. Our passion is to empower you with innovations in decentralized gaming, social media, and entertainment.


DAPPX brings 24/7 e-sports reward payments into the mainstream for gamers and developers.

Neither a player nor a developer? Don’t fret! DAPPX has in store for you to earn too!

DAPPX is a marketplace that supports all networks

DAPPX is supported by the Acent Web 3.0 technology – a powerful metaweb that can run AAA-rated game applications with heavy graphics while maintaining speed, cyber security and stability of crypto transactions on its own Mainnet.

DAPPX is optimized by ACENT Web 3.0 Browser

DAPPX & Acent are the first-movers in browser-level cryptocurrency wallet integration and native dApp rendering.
We continue to innovate and provide the best services to the users.