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Company Highlights


ACENT has established itself as a Web3.0 blockchain based technology company. ACENT uses a token economy that combines blockchain-based Web3.0 browser and token to fuel its user-centric web services. It also serves as Web3.0 gateway through extensive adoption of blockchain and its pioneering models to continuously improve product quality

Visions & Goal

  • Acent aims to provide user-centered Internet technology services by building a token economy that combines a blockchain-based web 3.0 browser and tokens.
  • Acent creates pioneering models and products for widespread adoption of blockchain technology by end-users.
  • Acent presents a unique product ecosystem that differentiates its token economy model from other ones.
  • Acent eliminates the inconvenience of using dApps and blockchain-related services, opening the portal to the world of web 3.0
  • Acent Protects the privacy of users on the internet with Acent Browser

Acent Ecosystem

  • ACENT (Symbol: ACE) is used as the native currency for economic activities of ACENT products.
  • Widely used in ACENT’s own ecosystem and platforms linked to it, such as building tokenomics (token economy), trading, economic activity, and fees.
  • ACE plays a central role through OCEAN architecture and ODIN by connecting with the ACENT ecosystem and sub-tokenomics of other platforms.
Company Highlights

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