Aug 13, 2019 | Press Releases

Makati, Philippines – Decenternet has taken the Internet by storm with the launch of its new Osiris web browser. No matter how slow the internet is, browsing the web will be a breeze since Osiris is 3x to 7x faster than traditional browsers.

Decenternet’s Osiris Browser

The Decenternet’s Osiris net neutral web browser provides one of the most powerful and compelling consumer experiences in the market. It's an online economy fully integrated with the idea of liberty and financial freedom. Osiris is designed to gradually bring forth the realization of a planetary grade information network and a decentralized financial infrastructure that is border-less, permission-less and free from corruption and oppression.

“The Osiris net-neutral browser creates a business environment where there is natural profit redistribution, elimination of the middle man, and allows people to enjoy speed and transparency using blockchain technology. It is especially beneficial in countries with low internet connection,” according to Sean Kim, Creator and CEO of Decenternet. 

Osiris Features:

  • 3x – 7x faster than traditional web browsers with its hyper-speed browsing.
  • Blocks all intrusive ads. Binge watch YouTube for hours without interruptions.
  • Save money by preventing unnecessary data charges used by intrusive ads (videos, banners and malicious scripts).
  • The Osiris Armor AI blocks all attempts to steal sensitive private information from the user.
  • Osiris is powered by Decenternet’s “Spyce” cryptocurrency which is backed by gold.

Additional Osiris Features in the Pipeline Include:

  • Borderless messaging through integration of the Hermes Messenger app.

  • Anonymous browsing prevents censorship that treats users like criminals.

  • Elimination of monopolistic revenue streams that brings ZERO value to the user. 

  • Pays users for simply using the Osiris browser via open source Liberty Ads Network through the Universal Basic Income (UBI).        

  • Deep mining solution: The end user can use his PC as a crypto miner when not using the browser.

  • Stable borderless browsing without the need of a VPN.

With Decenternet’s release of Osiris for PC (Windows 9, 10, 64-bit), the IOS and mobile versions are next in line to be released within the next few weeks. Decenternet is a term coined to describe the decentralized version of the internet. The platform is designed to be faster, more transparent and creates an environment where information suppression is impossible. 

Are you ready to be part of the new decentralized world? Download Osiris now at:

About Decenternet:

Decenternet Technologies Corp. is a tech pioneer that utilizes blockchain technology to bring about decentralized, net-neutral internet digital platforms. The company delivers world-class digital products that are aimed to improve the quality of life for all people connected, building a world where Net Neutrality, Data Privacy and True Internet Freedom is an absolute reality for one and all. For more information on Decenternet, please visit:

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